I’m a photographer and director, focusing on lifestyle, portraits, and narrative storytelling through stills and motion. I was 19 when I migrated to the U.S. from the Philippines. After working some odd jobs from selling watches and cellphones to being a business banker, I was fortunate enough to meet some people who helped turn me on to photography.

Having a background in business and marketing lets me bridge the gap between the creative and commercial side of storytelling.

Los Angeles is my home and as a creative, I’m constantly inspired by the California lifestyle, I love to capture energetic and lively images that are playful and warm. I’ve always been passionate about people’s stories and being able to convey them through my photography which has led me to create a few projects that deeply resonate with me that strive to give back to my native homeland.

The Moving Portraits Project works to raise awareness and help alleviate a bit of the growing problem one million amputees in the Philippines face every year without gaining the chance of a prosthetic. To find out more go here.

I also created a project, Raw DTLA, that focuses on documenting and sharing the growth of Downtown Los Angeles. It aims at amplifying the voices of the individuals who live and breathe the hustle. Unfiltered. Uncut. Raw. To see more go here. Drop a line or say Hello! Let’s Collaborate!